CEO’s Message to Foreign Buyers

Greeting from Miyazaki! My name is Kenji Watanabe, CEO of the Cross Corporation Co., Ltd. Our company is located in Miyazaki Prefecture, the heart of farming zone, Kyushu, Western Japan. We have been working with clients in over 32 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and all over the world since 2007.

Our motto is “Trust First.” We do honest business with all clients including buyers, sellers, governmental authorities, local community and the planet. It is our honor that many of first-time buyers come back.

Our vision is “bridging the world through trade of quality used machine.” In changing world, agricultural sector plays a critical role and reuse of machines helps lower impact to the environment. Your business and our business contribute to achieve SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Let us work together!

Kenji Watanabe, CEO, Cross Corporation Co., Ltd.

Why you buy from Cross Corporation?

Quality stocks

We are buying used agricultural and constructing machines from neighboring areas and beyond everyday.
Used agricultural and constructing machine are carried into our own yard. They are carefully checked and safely stored.

  • Always 300 - 400 items
  • Our experts check every item
  • 3-time checks and log on a site, at our yard and when shipment

If you want to check them, you are welcomed to visit our yard.

Quick Response to your Needs

We buy, sell and ship directly.
We do not use outside agents. Therefore, our business is quick and cost is saved. Export documents such as quarantine certificates are arranged directly with authorities.

Flow of Transaction


Inquiry through a form on our website


Quotation from our wide stocks or purchase on behalf of you

Quotation can be made by FOB, C&F, CIF/ Hososhima port or Hakata port.

Purchase Agreement

(If you want)

Checking the items before vanning


Deposit (30-50% of total amount) by T/T, L/C, D/P


Vanning, Export Clearance, Shipment

Your container



Issuing B/L and sending a scanned copy


Payment of the balance (within a week from receiving a scanned B/L)


Sending the original B/L (Surrender of B/L or sending by DHL)


Clearance at the destination

FYI- How many tractors can be vanned in a sea container?
20ft - 6-10 tractors, 40ft - 13-20 tractors
*Mixed vanning is OK.

Company Profile

Name Cross Corporation Co., Ltd.
CEO Kenji Watanabe
Address 2-16 Daioh machi Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Telephone number +81-982-66-1280
Facsimile number +81-982-66-1281
Email address info@cross-tractor.com
Established year 2007

Visiting our company from abroad?

  • The nearest airport is Miyazaki airport (KMI). We will pick you up there.
  • In case you choose Fukuoka international airport (FUK) or any others, you need to take trains to JR “Hyuga-shi” station (approx. 5 hrs. by an express train from Fukuoka international airport). We will pick you at the station.
  • We offer an accommodation for up to 3 nights.
  • Please advise your flight number a few days before your arrival.